Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kleeneze Essex

Steve & Debbie Roper - Upminster, Essex

After working our Kleeneze Essex business part-time for 5 years our p/t Kleeneze income exceeded £1000 per week which enabled Steve to return his Co car and walk away from a well paid job, escaping the rat-race forever! Whilst Steve was still in a job we qualified for Conferences to Monaco, Cairns Australia, Monaco a second time, South Africa, Athens and Sydney (and were awarded a Mini Cooper). We have since qualified for 2 further conferences, to Budapest and Mauritius. In 2005 we were awarded The Distributor of the Year for Gavin Scott's Terrier Group - the biggest group in Kleeneze which includes the Fast Forward Group. In 2007 we were awarded The Distributor of the Year for Bob Webb's Fast Forward Group - the highest status, highest earning Team in Kleeneze. We are current holders of The Pole Position Group's Top Recruiter Cup. We are enjoying supporting our team to help them to achieve these extra rewards and grow their incomes. The freedom, the rewards and the camaraderie are just brilliant!

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