Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Kleeneze Aldershot Hampshire

Rosemary Rowntree & Steve Johnson - Aldershot, Hampshire

We first saw Kleeneze in 2001 when we were in England on an extended visit from Canada. We had experience with network marketing in Canada but were still looking for the right opportunity.
Once we investigated Kleeneze, met some successful people and attended a meeting, we were encouraged to keep going. The Infinity Group has a proven system for creating volumes without 'selling', wonderful hands-on training and an easy-to-follow process for building a team. 
Within 4 weeks we had our initial investment back and we made the decision to emigrate from Canada to take up the Kleeneze business in earnest. It hasn't let us down - in fact, it has exceeded our expectations. 
The people - a great team; the rewards - trips to Monte Carlo, Budapest, Mauritius, Thailand, the Caribbean, South Africa and Hong Kong; and the future - a growing residual income - all mean that our goals and dreams are becoming a reality.

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