Monday, 30 May 2011

What is network marketing?

Anyone looking for a business opportunity would almost certainly have come across network marketing, but what is network marketing?

Network marketing is sometimes known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or referral marketing. So the following explanation refers to all these various terms.

As the name suggests, network marketing is where everyone involved in the business has an equal opportunity develop their own “network” of fellow distributors. I think the term “develop” is significant because a good network is not just about recruitment but after recruitment the new joiner is trained and coached to achieve the level of success that they are themselves committed to achieving. From here it is then the responsibility of the person building the network to expose their new people to the bigger picture of what is available with their network marketing opportunity. This will then help the newer team members to raise their ambitions over time so that as their own network develops then their goals get bigger too.

The fundamental aim of network marketing is for each individual to generate orders and then introduce or “sponsor” others into the opportunity who also generate orders and also sponsor others and subsequently show their own new joiners how to generate orders and sponsor others into the team, and so on.

Everybody works for themselves and is paid by the Company on two factors:-

  1. The volume of business generated by themselves and their team.
  2. The structure of their team

Importantly nobody gets paid by their team and nobody pays their sponsor. Everybody is rewarded by the Company commensurate with their success at growing the Company’s business. If a distributor goes to the time and trouble to sponsor and train someone to be effective at moving the Company’s products or services, it is logical that Company rewards them for doing so.

It is fundamental to the ethics of a good Network Marketing business that the sponsor only benefits from sponsoring when their new team member starts to move products or services to the market. It is not appropriate to be remunerated for purely sponsoring people into the business; the new people must be shown how to be effective themselves.

The idea is that everyone introduces (say) five good people, who are each shown how to introduce five good people each and then those twenty-five people introduce five good people each and so on – thus developing a network of distributors all marking products or services. It is a logical, ethical and highly effective means of marketing and distribution.

As per “2” above, the structure of a team is on the whole a reflection of what the leader of that team has contributed to the building of that team. This makes the whole business fair. Without going into details of each Company’s pay plan it’s fair to say that a leader that has built a team consisting of say 5 teams will earn considerably more than someone who has just sponsored someone else that has built a team consisting of 5 teams. This creates the potential for everybody to earn more than their sponsor.

In our Own Kleeneze business we earn significantly more than some of the people “upline” from us while there are also fantastic leaders upline that earn much more then us because they have been involved for longer and built bigger teams.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Kleeneze Opportunity

The Kleeneze business is an “opportunity”. We see lots of references to “Business opportunities” and they will of course vary enormously in terms of what they offer.

The Kleeneze Opportunity allows ordinary people to start their own business without the massive capital investment required of most conventional businesses or franchises. In this article I would just like to emphasise the word “opportunity”. The Kleeneze opportunity is already producing incomes in excess of a quarter of a million pounds per year with many people earning in excess of fifty thousand per annum. So clearly there is the opportunity to earn a substantial income. Not everybody does earn the big money and not everybody will go on to earn these sorts of figures; but the opportunity to do so is irrefutable.

All Kleeneze distributors have the same opportunity. We all work with the same Company and we all market the products via the same catalogues, therefore it’s fair to say that the only variation in the results achieved come down to the individual distributor. Geographic location is almost irrelevant as most of what we do is done on the internet and over the phone. The catalogues work wherever there are people; it doesn’t matter whether you are based in the inner city, in suburbia or in a rural area, people buy from the Kleeneze catalogue and have been doing so for over 4 decades.

One of the fundamental differences between the distributors that succeed and those that quit is the genuine understanding that their success or failure depends on them and nobody else.

So the Kleeneze opportunity can be a life changing opportunity for those that are prepared to follow a proven system and take personal responsibility for the growth of their business. If you think that could be you, please visit

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Undercover boss channel 4

I watched the Undercover Boss Channel 4 last night on I think More 4, so I guess it was an old episode, but none the less a great programme.

This is a programme where the boss of a large company poses as a trainee and gets shown the ropes by his or her staff without them knowing the significance of what they are doing. Perhaps a bit underhand but the few episodes that I have seen have all portrayed positive outcomes for all concerned; even those that on the face of it did not deserve it! I guess that for anybody that does their job properly with a good attitude they have nothing to hide.

What really struck me with the episode last night with the CEO of Harry Ramsden’s. Marija Simovic was that to properly understand the issues associated with any job within an organisation you have to experience it. Which ever restaurant she went to she learned something about the place, both good and bad. Then in the last part of the programme we saw her recognising the staff that were doing a really good job and putting right the system and infrastructure faults that she had found.

We believe that to lead a team the leader needs to be “in the trenches” with their team and not expect their team to do anything that they are not prepared to do themselves. This is one reason why in our Kleeneze business we like to still work the catalogues to generate the retail sales. Our focus is on building a large successful team and to do that as best as we can we need to lead by example and be totally familiar with the whole retail process. The other reason that we still work the catalogues is that it is easy money! We have built a great customer base and to keep serving those customers provides them with a service that clearly they want and for the work involved is very financially (and socially) rewarding.

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Working for Kleeneze

Did you know that the Distributors are not actually working for Kleeneze, but are working for themselves? All Kleeneze distributors are in business for themselves as independent distributors.

Would you rather be working for a boss in a JOB (Just Over Broke) or live life with a YOB? (Your Own Business). Kleeneze is like a franchise business in that you are working for yourself, but you are never by yourself. There is on-going help and support from the Company itself and from the Distributor network. There is a proven system for developing a customer base and a proven system for team building. The support infrastructure provides everything that the active distributor could possibly need. Importantly the support that you would have for your personal benefit is available also for everyone that you introduce to the business.

When you start working for Kleeneze you are working for yourself and you are the boss. You work the hours that you choose. You can do as much or as little as you want. While you will be advised what you need to do to achieve your goals it will always be your choice, what you do and when you do it.

How about giving yourself a pay rise? In Kleeneze you write your own pay cheque. You will always earn 100% of what you are worth; you won’t earn a penny less. If you are worth £50 a week that is what you will earn. If you are worth £100K p.a. that is what you will earn. Much better having a boss tell you what he/she thinks you are worth!

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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Get Britain Working

The Mirror has got behind The Conservative Party’s “Get Britain Working” campaign. (An interesting alliance!) This has got to be a very good cause.

In an article today in The Mirror they talk about “Thousands of part-time job opportunities up for grabs”. Two things in particular strike me about this article:-

  1. All of the part-time jobs that they refer to are paying minimum wage or close to it. So somebody working less than 30 hours a week on minimum wage really is not earning very much and has very poor prospects of any advancement. For many, that in itself is not an issue. There are hundreds of thousands of people for who an extra £100 per week would make a huge difference. However for most people working part-time hours their main consideration is flexibility of working hours.
  2. The article refers to the need for flexibility of working hours but hardly any of the jobs that they refer to offer true flexibility. On the whole the flexibility is reliant on colleagues covering for each other as the service that they are providing has fixed hours. If someone is working as a receptionist for a company that is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm, that receptionist has no flexibility to work outside of these hours. There is reference to direct selling as an option and certainly the Kleeneze opportunity has limitless flexibility, but very little else has.

We are doing what we can in the Get Britain Working campaign and for anyone that needs an opportunity that over comes the two points raised above, check out This opportunity offers potential for unlimited progression and total flexibility of hours. Let’s Get Britain Working!  

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tube strike off

Great news that the proposed tube strike is off. Great news for all of London’s commuters. When you heard “Tube strike off” did it matter to you? When you thought that maybe there would be a strike did you think “That’s great I’ll get some time off work” or perhaps “Oh no I won’t be able to get in to work and I will loose pay”. I think if I was a commuter I would be thinking “great, when the strike is on I can live better than cattle”. Personally I don’t understand why people choose to start and end their working day crammed into tube trains in conditions that would not be allowed for cattle!

I guess many commute to London for the money. I can understand that if they don’t know how to earn good money working from home. Incidentally apart from 2 hours or so per day stuck in appalling conditions, commuters have to pay for the privilege! So if there are any commuters that would like to save themselves 500 hours per year crammed into trains and £3000 per year fares, check out

I am writing this as someone that chooses to not commute as I operate a Kleeneze business from home. If I go to London it’s for a night out up the west end! Anyway I am pleased for all concerned that the service is not disrupted and by the time the next threat of strike comes round all of today’s commuters could be working from home; if they wish.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Kleeneze reviews

Many people that are considering starting their own Kleeneze Distributorship look through the various Kleeneze reviews that are available online.

It is great to look through these to get a better feel for the Kleeneze business and how others that are or have been involved feel about the Kleeneze opportunity. One thing that anybody can see is that there are a huge number of Kleeneze success stories which proves beyond any doubt that the Kleeneze business works for those people that work their Kleeneze business.

Of course there will be occasions when things don’t always go according to plan, but clearly that is a reflection of life in general, not just Kleeneze! It is when Distributors have challenges that they also have the opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd; by simply keeping working to the proven system. Quite new Distributors can collect their catalogues one day and get a disappointing value of orders; so they quit! Ridiculous but true. There are a few negative Kleeneze reviews on the internet and they will normally say what they consider to be wrong with Kleeneze and almost never say that anything about their failure was due to themselves.

If Kleeneze works for thousands of other Distributors then clearly Kleeneze works! The one thing about Kleeneze that varies from one Distributor to another is the Distributor! Does the area that you live in make the difference between success and failure? Absolutely not. There are people all over the country, north, south, east and west that are making it work. Whether in a rural area, suburban area or inner city there are distributors making it work. The final confirmation to me that Kleeneze works anywhere comes from the numerous people that we know that have built a good Kleeneze business in one area and then moved house to a completely different area of the country and built another customer base in a completely new area. We have never known anybody that has built a customer base to fail to build a customer base in another area. It’s what the distributor does that determines success; not the area.

For further information from one of Kleeneze’s most successful Distributorships please visit

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Kleeneze Jobs

There are vacancies for Kleeneze Jobs throughout the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. These are self-employed positions with all of the benefits of self-employment combined with the benefits of working with a large British Plc.

Kleeneze jobs are for those people that want to work from home and have total flexibility of hours to work around other commitments such as a “day job” or family commitments.

Your Kleeneze Distributorship is your own business with no limits on where you operate (within UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany) and no limits on how big you build your business. This enables each individual to choose to work very part-time for a modest extra income right through to working very seriously to build a very substantial income. Everyone chooses their own commitment level and therefore their own level of income.

No special skills are required but to build a large Kleeneze business a good work ethic combined with self motivation and tenacity are essential. A willingness to learn and take advice from others that are already being successful will aid faster growth. Those that choose to build their business at a faster rate will often find that they are qualifying for all expenses paid trips to fabulous worldwide destinations or even being awarded brand new cars to keep. Kleeneze can be a small “catalogue business” or something considerably more.

For further information check out

Kleeneze online

Kleeneze has marketed its products for forty years or more via their range of catalogues and continues to do so. Additionally we now have Kleeneze online.

Kleeneze online now offers customers the opportunity to order their Kleeneze products online for delivery by their normal local distributor with payment on delivery in the usual way. The customer’s order will be directed to the distributor of their choice as determined by the website address used. For example Steve and Debbie who operate in Upminster in Essex have the website address It is up to the customer to identify the appropriate suffix to ensure that their preferred distributor gets the order. This normally happens as the distributor will be promoting their website address to their customers. The customer then just clicks the orange “Shop With Us” button in the top right hand corner to bring up the online shop.

While there is also a short video of the Kleeneze Business Opportunity on this same website, some distributors promote the opportunity via their own individual website such as Steve and Debbie Roper’s

So in summary, Kleeneze online is now a business where both retailing the products and recruitment can be done online.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Focus DIY employees face uncertain future

Today’s announcement means that Focus DIY employees face uncertain future. With Focus DIY going into administration there is a real risk that if a buyer cannot be found they could cease trading completely. For the sake of all the staff, suppliers and service companies as well as consumer choice, let’s hope they survive.

With nearly 4,000 employees across 178 Stores there could be a lot of people affected. Even if the administrators find a buyer the future for the staff will remain uncertain for a time as there will inevitably be changes made. Perhaps some stores will need to close and depending on whom eventually acquires the Company there may be the amalgamation of functions between Focus DIY and the new owners.

While Focus DIY has enjoyed growth over its 24 year history to become a £450m turnover Company the depressed housing market has proven to be just too challenging.

With this whole Building / DIY sector as depressed as it is, should the worst happen; many employees will be forced to look into different occupations completely. Changing career direction can be challenging but it can be done of course. The Kleeneze business is an example of an opportunity that anyone can start-up irrespective of their background or experience with the opportunity to develop an income that most employees would never achieve in a conventional job. For further information visit

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Home working vacancies UK

For those that are looking for home working vacancies UK there are a number of things to consider:-

  1. There are legitimate opportunities that are available without the need to invest.
  2. There are totally legitimate opportunities that do require some investment.
  3. There are also some scams that will attempt to relieve you of your money with nothing or very little in return.
  4. Some opportunities offer excellent on-going help and support, and others do not.
  5. Some opportunities are proven with a clearly defined system that when applied will result in generating income. Other opportunities may not have any track record at all.
  6. There may be a requirement to achieve certain targets and pressure applied with some opportunities, while others allow you to work at your own pace.
  7. Some home working vacancies UK will involve mind-numbingly boring work that will be very difficult or be unbearable to do beyond the very short term. Other opportunities can be much more varied and stimulating.
  8. Some opportunities will require you to hold stock and take up a lot of space – whilst with others this will not be necessary.
  9. Many opportunities will be portrayed as being lucrative but offer no real evidence to support their claims. One exception is the Kleeneze business where documentary evidence of earning are available.
  10. What do you want to get from an opportunity, and what are you prepared to put into it.

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