Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tube strike off

Great news that the proposed tube strike is off. Great news for all of London’s commuters. When you heard “Tube strike off” did it matter to you? When you thought that maybe there would be a strike did you think “That’s great I’ll get some time off work” or perhaps “Oh no I won’t be able to get in to work and I will loose pay”. I think if I was a commuter I would be thinking “great, when the strike is on I can live better than cattle”. Personally I don’t understand why people choose to start and end their working day crammed into tube trains in conditions that would not be allowed for cattle!

I guess many commute to London for the money. I can understand that if they don’t know how to earn good money working from home. Incidentally apart from 2 hours or so per day stuck in appalling conditions, commuters have to pay for the privilege! So if there are any commuters that would like to save themselves 500 hours per year crammed into trains and £3000 per year fares, check out http://www.InfinityEdge.co.uk

I am writing this as someone that chooses to not commute as I operate a Kleeneze business from home. If I go to London it’s for a night out up the west end! Anyway I am pleased for all concerned that the service is not disrupted and by the time the next threat of strike comes round all of today’s commuters could be working from home; if they wish.

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