Sunday, 8 May 2011

Kleeneze Jobs

There are vacancies for Kleeneze Jobs throughout the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. These are self-employed positions with all of the benefits of self-employment combined with the benefits of working with a large British Plc.

Kleeneze jobs are for those people that want to work from home and have total flexibility of hours to work around other commitments such as a “day job” or family commitments.

Your Kleeneze Distributorship is your own business with no limits on where you operate (within UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany) and no limits on how big you build your business. This enables each individual to choose to work very part-time for a modest extra income right through to working very seriously to build a very substantial income. Everyone chooses their own commitment level and therefore their own level of income.

No special skills are required but to build a large Kleeneze business a good work ethic combined with self motivation and tenacity are essential. A willingness to learn and take advice from others that are already being successful will aid faster growth. Those that choose to build their business at a faster rate will often find that they are qualifying for all expenses paid trips to fabulous worldwide destinations or even being awarded brand new cars to keep. Kleeneze can be a small “catalogue business” or something considerably more.

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