Monday, 9 May 2011

Kleeneze reviews

Many people that are considering starting their own Kleeneze Distributorship look through the various Kleeneze reviews that are available online.

It is great to look through these to get a better feel for the Kleeneze business and how others that are or have been involved feel about the Kleeneze opportunity. One thing that anybody can see is that there are a huge number of Kleeneze success stories which proves beyond any doubt that the Kleeneze business works for those people that work their Kleeneze business.

Of course there will be occasions when things don’t always go according to plan, but clearly that is a reflection of life in general, not just Kleeneze! It is when Distributors have challenges that they also have the opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd; by simply keeping working to the proven system. Quite new Distributors can collect their catalogues one day and get a disappointing value of orders; so they quit! Ridiculous but true. There are a few negative Kleeneze reviews on the internet and they will normally say what they consider to be wrong with Kleeneze and almost never say that anything about their failure was due to themselves.

If Kleeneze works for thousands of other Distributors then clearly Kleeneze works! The one thing about Kleeneze that varies from one Distributor to another is the Distributor! Does the area that you live in make the difference between success and failure? Absolutely not. There are people all over the country, north, south, east and west that are making it work. Whether in a rural area, suburban area or inner city there are distributors making it work. The final confirmation to me that Kleeneze works anywhere comes from the numerous people that we know that have built a good Kleeneze business in one area and then moved house to a completely different area of the country and built another customer base in a completely new area. We have never known anybody that has built a customer base to fail to build a customer base in another area. It’s what the distributor does that determines success; not the area.

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