Saturday, 25 June 2011

On line business that works

Let’s be honest there is a lot of rubbish on the internet! Many people offering “golden opportunities” that they hope will come good if you and many others join them. The reality is that a high proportion of these “opportunities” will never work. So often there is no product, no service and therefore no real opportunity. So how do you find an on line business that works?

You need a genuine product or service and you need a system to get that product or service to market. Usually a good indicator of a viable business is whether or not the general public are buying from that organisation. If the public that are otherwise not connected to the opportunity are buying the products or services then those products or services must represent good value. If the only buyers of the products or services are distributors themselves then the value of those products or services has to be questioned as does the sustainability of the opportunity.

We are leaders in an opportunity that is not yet perceived as an on-line business, but is proven, well established and producing serious incomes that are documented and available for all to see. There are so many traditional businesses that are developing genuine on-line businesses (such as Tesco, B&Q, all the Banks and so on) it makes sense to follow their example.

If you would like to start your own on-line business with a major British household name that has been built off-line for many decades, then click here now. You might be surprised!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Habitat goes into administration

Sad news today as the UK Habitat goes into administration. This puts over 700 jobs across 30 stores at risk as the administrators try to find a rescue package for the beleaguered high street giant.

This is yet another demonstration that there are no jobs for life. For such an iconic brand from the sixties to now be on the brink of its demise, it really epitomises the turbulence in the retail sector. Clearly if all these people do lose their jobs it will be very difficult for all concerned, in the short term. However, a large proportion of people that are made redundant use this situation to “take stock” and very often end up far better off than when they had their job.

For many, enforced unemployment is the catalyst needed to make the transition from employment to self-employment. With more people than ever working for themselves, a genuine work from home opportunity is a real alternative to the insecurities of working a conventional job.

For anyone interested in looking at a genuine self-employment opportunity take a look at now!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

MLM Free Leads

Don’t all networkers want to generate MLM Free Leads? The fact is that there are lots of ways of generating free mlm leads both on-line and off-line. The original networking concept was based on talking with the people that you know, so these are all effectively free leads. What is not always so apparent is how to generate free and highly relevant leads.

While in a network marketing opportunity everyone is considered a prospect, there are ways to find people that are ready to get involved; people that are already looking for an opportunity. Even “hotter” leads may be people that already understand network marketing and are just looking for the opportunity that is right for them. Some may refer to “quality” leads but I think “relevant” describes better what we are looking for. We are looking for people that are looking for an opportunity and even more relevant would be those looking for our particular Company and the ultimate relevant lead would be looking to join our Company specifically with us!

Well, there are ways to build up a flow of highly relevant leads for those that are prepared to put in the groundwork. While there are different ways to generate a sudden rush of leads coming through, these methods tend not to last. For a regular flow of enquiries from people that are more likely to join you and become the leaders that you are looking for we have to learn what we need to do and then take action. The first step is to CLICK HERE for further information on generating your mlm free leads and how we may be able to help you.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jobs for mums UK

So what are the requirements of jobs for mums UK? Mums need to have total flexibility of hours to work around their family commitments and may also need the opportunity to build a substantial income to meet the expenses of a growing family.

Most employers stipulate the hours that they want their employees to work and sometimes the hours to be worked can be convenient for a mum . There are employers that understand the value of employing mums and set the working hours to suit. However, there are not many (or any) employers that would be happy with a mum phoning in because her child has to be off school unwell. Even for these unavoidable situations normal employers are not very tolerant.

From the parent’s point of view they know that there will be times when the child (or children) have to take priority, but there will also be many times when they would like their child to take priority. Mums don’t want be there for their children only for sickness, but they also want to be there for school sports day, for school outings, swimming galas and so on. How many employers would tolerate taking time off for these apparently “unimportant” events?

Jobs for mums UK clearly have certain requirements that are not conducive to a conventional job. Also, most part-time jobs that go some way to meeting the needs of a mum do not normally offer any opportunity for career or financial progression at all.

There is however a slightly unconventional job that allows total flexibility of hours and also the opportunity to progress in terms of career development and income, while remaining totally flexible. If you would like to know exactly how this works then please click here now.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Home based business UK

Isn’t a lucrative home based business UK the dream of everyone that has ambitions of greater wealth and a better lifestyle? So many people aspire to having a home based business UK but just do not know where to begin.

What business can be operated based from home? What business would I be capable of doing? What home based business can be done from home without having a stream of strangers coming to my house? What can I do working from home that will be financially rewarding while still allowing me total flexibility of hours? There are so many scams in the work from home arena, how can I ensure that I do not get scammed myself?

There are so many questions that we ask before getting started and for many this prevents them from getting started altogether! What if there was an opportunity that answered all these questions, that was endorsed by the Office of Fair Trading? That would have to be worth taking a look at wouldn’t it, especially if there was documentary proof of earnings and turn over? There are very few home based business UK opportunities that can offer this, so if you would like to take a closer look at a UK business opportunity that may or may not be right for you, but certainly ticks all these boxes click here  for further information.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Free MLM leads UK

As a Network Marketer in the UK I have always been looking for Free MLM Leads UK. Perhaps you have too?

There are lots of ways of generating leads completely free of any cost at all. Read through this in sequence right to the end; I’ve saved the best ‘til last!

  1. Speak with all the people you know. Your “warm list”. Do not pre-judge; let everybody know what you are doing and ask them if they know of anybody that may be interested. This is very powerful and many of the fastest growing businesses are built at least initially on the warm list.
  2. Speak with everyone that you meet. This is the “three foot rule”. Speak with everyone that comes within three feet of you. (1 metre for the younger people amongst us!) Just break the ice and then just say “Would you be able to help me please? We’re looking for people in this area that would like to earn an extra working a simple business based from home; would you know of anybody that you think may be interested?”
  3. Conduct lifestyle surveys where there are a lot of pedestrians. Armed with a very short questionnaire you just stop people in the street and ask them if they would spare you one minute to complete a short survey for you. Ask questions such as “Do you earn what you think you are worth?” and “Do you like working for a boss?” Have half a dozen or so questions and 99% of the time it will be perfectly logical to conclude with “Well, based on some of the answers that you have given me, I have some information that I think you may be interested in. If you’d like me to get this to you I’ll just make a note of your name, email address and phone number”
  4. Relay good stories about your opportunity via social networking sites without being too blatant and running the risk of alienating people and getting your account closed down.
  5. We do have one very special and effective way of promoting our Kleeneze opportunity on-line for free which produces some highly relevant leads that we would like to explain to you in more depth. For further details please go directly to and all will be revealed!    

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Network Marketing Secrets

So what are the Network Marketing Secrets to building a substantial business?

It is generally accepted that there are no secrets in a networking business because it is in everyone’s interest to help each other. Generally speaking this is true and I believe it is always true regarding a sharing of information within any team. Where it can, and does fall down is where there is no communication from the founders of an organisation right the way through to new team members. In a good solid network marketing team I believe that it is essential that all team members should have access to everybody in their upline organisation. In our own Kleeneze business we make sure that everyone has the details of everyone in their team and that every new joiner has details of everybody in their upline; there are no secrets!

We have seen people that have tried to isolate their team from their upline to be the “big leader” themselves. I believe this usually comes from their own insecurities or they have a need to boost their own ego. We have also seen every single person that has tried to do this, fail. Network marketers should have open access to whoever they want. We all “get on” better with some people than with others. We may look for different traits in our mentors. Different people are inspired by various role models. There is no one role model with the monopoly. We firmly believe that one of the keys to the successful building of our Kleeneze business is encouraging everyone to communicate with whoever they want upline, downline and crossline. 

So in conclusion the only real secret to Network Marketing is to join with a team with multiple upline leaders that all encourage communication throughout their entire organisation. If a leader is insular this is likely to reflect either one of the personality traits referred to above or they have gone off at a tangent and have devised a system different to their upline. This in itself is likely to cause challenges with team building as this tends to cause confusion. If someone is advised by one upline leader to do something one way and then another upline leader advises doing it differently it is likely to cause confusion which normally results in it not being done at all.

For further information about the opportunity that we have to join a team that has great upline leadership that is all “singing from the same hymn sheet” please visit