Saturday, 4 June 2011

Free MLM leads UK

As a Network Marketer in the UK I have always been looking for Free MLM Leads UK. Perhaps you have too?

There are lots of ways of generating leads completely free of any cost at all. Read through this in sequence right to the end; I’ve saved the best ‘til last!

  1. Speak with all the people you know. Your “warm list”. Do not pre-judge; let everybody know what you are doing and ask them if they know of anybody that may be interested. This is very powerful and many of the fastest growing businesses are built at least initially on the warm list.
  2. Speak with everyone that you meet. This is the “three foot rule”. Speak with everyone that comes within three feet of you. (1 metre for the younger people amongst us!) Just break the ice and then just say “Would you be able to help me please? We’re looking for people in this area that would like to earn an extra working a simple business based from home; would you know of anybody that you think may be interested?”
  3. Conduct lifestyle surveys where there are a lot of pedestrians. Armed with a very short questionnaire you just stop people in the street and ask them if they would spare you one minute to complete a short survey for you. Ask questions such as “Do you earn what you think you are worth?” and “Do you like working for a boss?” Have half a dozen or so questions and 99% of the time it will be perfectly logical to conclude with “Well, based on some of the answers that you have given me, I have some information that I think you may be interested in. If you’d like me to get this to you I’ll just make a note of your name, email address and phone number”
  4. Relay good stories about your opportunity via social networking sites without being too blatant and running the risk of alienating people and getting your account closed down.
  5. We do have one very special and effective way of promoting our Kleeneze opportunity on-line for free which produces some highly relevant leads that we would like to explain to you in more depth. For further details please go directly to and all will be revealed!    

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