Thursday, 2 June 2011

Network Marketing Secrets

So what are the Network Marketing Secrets to building a substantial business?

It is generally accepted that there are no secrets in a networking business because it is in everyone’s interest to help each other. Generally speaking this is true and I believe it is always true regarding a sharing of information within any team. Where it can, and does fall down is where there is no communication from the founders of an organisation right the way through to new team members. In a good solid network marketing team I believe that it is essential that all team members should have access to everybody in their upline organisation. In our own Kleeneze business we make sure that everyone has the details of everyone in their team and that every new joiner has details of everybody in their upline; there are no secrets!

We have seen people that have tried to isolate their team from their upline to be the “big leader” themselves. I believe this usually comes from their own insecurities or they have a need to boost their own ego. We have also seen every single person that has tried to do this, fail. Network marketers should have open access to whoever they want. We all “get on” better with some people than with others. We may look for different traits in our mentors. Different people are inspired by various role models. There is no one role model with the monopoly. We firmly believe that one of the keys to the successful building of our Kleeneze business is encouraging everyone to communicate with whoever they want upline, downline and crossline. 

So in conclusion the only real secret to Network Marketing is to join with a team with multiple upline leaders that all encourage communication throughout their entire organisation. If a leader is insular this is likely to reflect either one of the personality traits referred to above or they have gone off at a tangent and have devised a system different to their upline. This in itself is likely to cause challenges with team building as this tends to cause confusion. If someone is advised by one upline leader to do something one way and then another upline leader advises doing it differently it is likely to cause confusion which normally results in it not being done at all.

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