Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jobs for mums UK

So what are the requirements of jobs for mums UK? Mums need to have total flexibility of hours to work around their family commitments and may also need the opportunity to build a substantial income to meet the expenses of a growing family.

Most employers stipulate the hours that they want their employees to work and sometimes the hours to be worked can be convenient for a mum . There are employers that understand the value of employing mums and set the working hours to suit. However, there are not many (or any) employers that would be happy with a mum phoning in because her child has to be off school unwell. Even for these unavoidable situations normal employers are not very tolerant.

From the parent’s point of view they know that there will be times when the child (or children) have to take priority, but there will also be many times when they would like their child to take priority. Mums don’t want be there for their children only for sickness, but they also want to be there for school sports day, for school outings, swimming galas and so on. How many employers would tolerate taking time off for these apparently “unimportant” events?

Jobs for mums UK clearly have certain requirements that are not conducive to a conventional job. Also, most part-time jobs that go some way to meeting the needs of a mum do not normally offer any opportunity for career or financial progression at all.

There is however a slightly unconventional job that allows total flexibility of hours and also the opportunity to progress in terms of career development and income, while remaining totally flexible. If you would like to know exactly how this works then please click here now.

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