Wednesday, 15 February 2012

100% Success!

People often ask us “Do you have many people that fail?” (Interestingly they do not often ask if we have many people succeed).What we can honestly say is that we have a track record of 100% Success……. for everyone that:-

§  Follows our proven simple system

§  Does a reasonable level of activity

§  Does not quit.

What we do is so easy to do – anyone can do it. People from just about every walk of life have made a success of Kleeneze.

The people that fail are those that:-

§  do so little, their results are correspondingly small and therefore they lose interest and quit.

§  Have a bad day and quit.

§  That do not follow our simple proven system.

The track record of Kleeneze speaks for itself; it works! Every distributor starts with the same kit so the only variables are the distributors themselves and their sponsor/upline that is responsible for showing them how to work effectively. We can say that everyone that joins our team will have access to, and full training and support on the system that we work which is proven to be the simplest most successful and most easily duplicable system in the business.

So we can say with certainty that anyone that joins Kleeneze with us has the choice to decide to be successful or not. All we know is that everyone that has 100% followed the system and worked with us on a continuous on-going basis is being 100% successful.

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The biggest challenge for Networkers

Clearly we are all different but overall we think that the biggest challenge for Networkers is controlling what goes on in our heads!

In a conventional business or a job there are many more things to keep us on track. In a home-based networking business it is extremely easy to be distracted and to lose motivation.

We need to learn…

§  to always look for the positive in any situation.

§  to be disciplined.

§  to focus on the productive activities.

§  to invest in our business and in our personal development.

§  people skills.

§  to deal with frustration.

§  to set our own goals.

§  to be self-motivated.

§  to plan to ensure that we achieve our goals.

§  to be disciplined and to do what needs to be done when it needs doing.

§  to be consistent and persistent.

§  to recognise that we are on a journey of personal and business development.

Most of the actual activities that we do are not difficult. We do not need to perform any highly technical duties. We do not need any great manual dexterity or physical fitness. We just need to learn to to control our head and our heart so that we do not jeopardise our success.

We have experienced enormous personal development within ourselves (and in others) since we started our networking business in 1999. For comprehensive information about our business and an opportunity that may interest you, please CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Diamond Jubilee Concert

We have just applied for tickets in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday 4th June. Fingers crossed that we are one of the lucky winners!

To apply go to and maybe you will be lucky enough to be awarded on of the very limited number of tickets. 5,000 names to be drawn and each winner can take a guest.

With a line-up so far of Shirley Bassey, Alfie Boe,  Jessie J, JLS, Elton John, Tom Jones, Annie Lennox, Madness, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard, Ed Sheeran and Jools Holland it’s going to be a great Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Who else from Kleeneze has applied for tickets?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Work From Home UK

Who wouldn’t want to Work From Home UK?

Escape the commuting, escape the boss, escape the office politics and work for yourself; “Work From Home UK”.

There are opportunities available that allow anyone to work from home and earn immediate income and potentially a substantial income. You just have to find the opportunity that is right for you. Would you like to know more about the opportunity that we have found is right for us? Click Here to watch our short video. We can’t be wrong after 12 years in the business!

Check it out – you might be surprised!

Kleeneze Break Free

The Kleeneze Break Free Kit is intended for people that are keen to start their Kleeneze business but do not have the funds available to start with one of the Kleeneze Business Builder Kits.

The Break Free kit comprises:-

§  10 Main / Health & Beauty catalogues

§  10 Seasonal catalogues

§  10 re-sealable polythene bags

§  50 order forms

§  1 business manual

§  All the paperwork etc that you will need to get started.

§  Investment £0.01  (yes! 1p)

§  This kit with just 10 sets of catalogues is a great way to start with virtually no financial investment for those that will commit to presenting their ten catalogues to people that they know and are likely to give orders, and then continue to repeat this process .

§  Please note there are restrictions that apply with this kit: that will be explained in more detail when we speak.

This kit is intended only for those completely unable to make any financial investment in the alternative kits. The Kleeneze Break Free kit allows you to qualify for Rapid Start Bonuses to get more catalogues free and to earn the money to then invest in more catalogues. In other words with Kleeneze Break Free you are investing a bit of extra effort in place of the financial investment.

For further details please CLICK HERE.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kleeneze Camberley Surrey

Allison Voller & Dave Armstrong – Kleeneze Camberley Surrey

I joined Kleeneze Camberley Surrey in May 2009. I was looking for something I could do from home at my own pace after having to give up my career as a Chef/Manager in December 2008 due to ill health.
In my first 3 weeks I recovered my initial investment with a £200 profit – Kleeneze worked.
In October 2009 Dave joined me in Kleeneze after seeing how much I was enjoying my ‘job’, he came along to a few meetings and realised what Kleeneze could offer us both.
In September 2009 Kleeneze announced Hong Kong as the 2010 Conference destination. It appealed and we were determined to qualify. We worked hard and in July 2010 with the help of our small team and a lot of personal retail we qualified as new “Gold” Distributors, holding it for a further three months to go to Hong Kong, a fantastic 5* all expenses paid trip. We also had our best cheque of £2919.70 for a 4 week period.
Help and support from both The Infinity Group and Kleeneze is amazing. By following a simple proven plan you can reach your own goals and go on to help others in your team achieve theirs.
We are now working to build a team and grow our Kleeneze business so that Dave can quit ‘the rat race’. We can have complete control of our lives and the time to spend enjoying ourselves with all the good friends we have made around the Country in Kleeneze.

Disposable Income

Who is better off, the person with an income of £100K p.a. that spends £105K, or the person with a £20K income that spends £15K? Which is on the road to prosperity and which is on the road to ruin?

Certainly the feeling of prosperity comes not just from the actual income but from having some money left over once all the bills and regular expenses are taken care of. It’s the “disposable income” that gives us that feeling of being well off or at least not having money worries. For very many people the difference between over-spending and having that extra disposable income is really quite small. An extra £200 per month would make all the difference.

With MLM businesses generally we can offer people the opportunity to make up that financial shortfall and certainly with the Kleeneze business its perfectly realistic to do this immediately i.e. earn an extra £200 to £500 per month extra (on top of a full time job) in the first month.

So, even for people on good incomes (but with big commitments) the ability to earn a modest extra income from day one can be an absolute life-saver! Our business gives us the facility to offer this financial life saver to others. We can throw them the life line and if they choose to grab it we can help them to turn their financial affairs around. They will need:-

§  to be open minded enough to look properly at the opportunity.

§  to be teachable.

§  to be self-motivated.

§  to be disciplined.

§  to be determined.

Then when they follow our simple proven system they will get the results commensurate to the effort that they put in. With an established and proven system it makes sense to simply copy what the successful people are doing. “When you do what we are doing, you will get what we have got” – it stands to reason!

If you know of anyone that could use a bit more disposable income or “fun-money” perhaps you could direct them to our Kleeneze web site where everything is explained. Click Here for more information.