Monday, 6 February 2012

Kleeneze Break Free

The Kleeneze Break Free Kit is intended for people that are keen to start their Kleeneze business but do not have the funds available to start with one of the Kleeneze Business Builder Kits.

The Break Free kit comprises:-

§  10 Main / Health & Beauty catalogues

§  10 Seasonal catalogues

§  10 re-sealable polythene bags

§  50 order forms

§  1 business manual

§  All the paperwork etc that you will need to get started.

§  Investment £0.01  (yes! 1p)

§  This kit with just 10 sets of catalogues is a great way to start with virtually no financial investment for those that will commit to presenting their ten catalogues to people that they know and are likely to give orders, and then continue to repeat this process .

§  Please note there are restrictions that apply with this kit: that will be explained in more detail when we speak.

This kit is intended only for those completely unable to make any financial investment in the alternative kits. The Kleeneze Break Free kit allows you to qualify for Rapid Start Bonuses to get more catalogues free and to earn the money to then invest in more catalogues. In other words with Kleeneze Break Free you are investing a bit of extra effort in place of the financial investment.

For further details please CLICK HERE.

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