Saturday, 4 February 2012

Disposable Income

Who is better off, the person with an income of £100K p.a. that spends £105K, or the person with a £20K income that spends £15K? Which is on the road to prosperity and which is on the road to ruin?

Certainly the feeling of prosperity comes not just from the actual income but from having some money left over once all the bills and regular expenses are taken care of. It’s the “disposable income” that gives us that feeling of being well off or at least not having money worries. For very many people the difference between over-spending and having that extra disposable income is really quite small. An extra £200 per month would make all the difference.

With MLM businesses generally we can offer people the opportunity to make up that financial shortfall and certainly with the Kleeneze business its perfectly realistic to do this immediately i.e. earn an extra £200 to £500 per month extra (on top of a full time job) in the first month.

So, even for people on good incomes (but with big commitments) the ability to earn a modest extra income from day one can be an absolute life-saver! Our business gives us the facility to offer this financial life saver to others. We can throw them the life line and if they choose to grab it we can help them to turn their financial affairs around. They will need:-

§  to be open minded enough to look properly at the opportunity.

§  to be teachable.

§  to be self-motivated.

§  to be disciplined.

§  to be determined.

Then when they follow our simple proven system they will get the results commensurate to the effort that they put in. With an established and proven system it makes sense to simply copy what the successful people are doing. “When you do what we are doing, you will get what we have got” – it stands to reason!

If you know of anyone that could use a bit more disposable income or “fun-money” perhaps you could direct them to our Kleeneze web site where everything is explained. Click Here for more information.

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