Thursday, 9 February 2012

The biggest challenge for Networkers

Clearly we are all different but overall we think that the biggest challenge for Networkers is controlling what goes on in our heads!

In a conventional business or a job there are many more things to keep us on track. In a home-based networking business it is extremely easy to be distracted and to lose motivation.

We need to learn…

§  to always look for the positive in any situation.

§  to be disciplined.

§  to focus on the productive activities.

§  to invest in our business and in our personal development.

§  people skills.

§  to deal with frustration.

§  to set our own goals.

§  to be self-motivated.

§  to plan to ensure that we achieve our goals.

§  to be disciplined and to do what needs to be done when it needs doing.

§  to be consistent and persistent.

§  to recognise that we are on a journey of personal and business development.

Most of the actual activities that we do are not difficult. We do not need to perform any highly technical duties. We do not need any great manual dexterity or physical fitness. We just need to learn to to control our head and our heart so that we do not jeopardise our success.

We have experienced enormous personal development within ourselves (and in others) since we started our networking business in 1999. For comprehensive information about our business and an opportunity that may interest you, please CLICK HERE.

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