Wednesday, 3 October 2012

eBay Sellers

eBay has seen millions of people take to selling products on-line to earn an extra income, but for many there is a challenge. After selling off the contents of their attic they then need more products to sell. For many, the buying of products then takes up as much of their time as the selling.

We are now looking for eBay Sellers. If you want your own ready-made fully functioning webshop with payment direct to your account and the goods shipped from our warehouse direct to your customers we have just the thing. Circa 2000 different product lines, it’s free to start, what have you got to lose?

Within minutes of you calling us we can have you set up with you own personalised fully functioning webshop that allows you to target individual product lines or your shop as whole. With such a wide range of products it is normal to have multiple items per order. You must have been to the supermarket for bread and milk and come home with bread, milk, crisps, butter, cornflakes… It’s just the same with our webshops, you promote one item and get other sales in the process.

This new facility from Kleeneze has only just been launched – get in at the start of something that is set to be massive! To see just how good the webshop that you too could have (in 10 minutes from you reading this!) see ours by clicking here

Call us on             01708 22 22 74       or             07868 734 695       for a no obligation chat.