Monday, 31 October 2011

Does Kleeneze Work

Does the sun rise in the east? When asked “Does Kleeneze Work” we are always happy to show the figures. Here are the top retailers in our team for the past 4 week period:-

Figures £ retail…

Matt & Nic Elliott          5,160

Mike & Negin Backhouse          4,839

John Hewett           3,706

Justin Rowe & Tracy Bell          3,699

Ann & John Stapleton          3,535

Allison Voller & Dave Armstrong          3,010

Graham & Anna Curwen          2,879

Geoff & Maggie Shepherd          2,823

Julie Whitehead & Alan Weston          2,715

Jim Dale & Claire Daniels          2,678

John Shaw          2,297

Derek & Mary Ashmore          2,197

Mike & Anne Barnaville          2,113

Peter Allan           2,051

Bob Fraser          2,011

Steve & Laine Shepherd          1,846

Cynthia Edwards          1,832

Keith Hatter          1,677

Fred & Karen Mason          1,652

Tim Webb          1,640

Tony Henley           1,621

Dave & Pat Key          1,613

Graham & Julie Bennett          1,613

Erin & Phil Lamb          1,597

Steve Johnson & Rosemary Rowntree          1,590

Chris Stanley & Paula Glease          1,579

Vikki & Kevin Yale          1,531

Wendy Cockburn & Mark Banham           1,422

Abdul & Wehida Mulla          1,279

Andrea Ragoo & Paul Heron          1,272

Lance & Debbie Clapton          1,253

Jason Leigh          1,252

John & Ann Champion          1,245

Jeanette Wilkes          1,167

Sandra Egea & Guillermo Egea          1,149

Kevin & Wendy Quinn          1,120

Gordon & Veronica Richards          1,119

Shirley & David Tolhurst          1,048

Mark & Lianne Falkingham          1,042

Wojciech & Anna Szenfeld          1,042

Ann & David Selwood          1,015

June & David Love          1,009

Yvonne & Louise Gable             947

Mark Mulkeen             944

Cliff King             927

Graham Lord             919

Trevor & Carole Brownley             875

Fiona Marsh             875

Hugh & Elizabeth Lindsay             869

Martin Welch             862

Karen Benham              773

Michael & Svetlana Gaze             769

David Ashwell             765

When the public are buying the products (as the figures above clearly show) then the distributors are making money. What other Network Marketing Company would (be able to) show you their figures?

Kleeneze Rocks! Click Here to see the testimonies of some these guys.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Exciting Business

Let me explain what I mean by an Exciting Business,

We finished our four weekly business period on Thursday evening and had to wait overnight for the confirmed figures to update over night. While we “knew” what had been achieved throughout the Team is was still with enormous trepidation that we looked at the official figures.  We desperately wanted confirmation but was afraid to look in case anything had gone wrong – scary and exciting at the same time!

All was well; apart from the new “statuses” that had been achieved by various team members we now had it confirmed….

3 Distributorships within the team have started qualification for an all expenses paid 5* trip to Miami in 2012. An incentive that was launched just a few weeks ago.

1 Distributorship has started qualification for a brand new Mini Car

1 Distributorship has secured themselves a £1500 one off extra bonus

1 Distributorship has secured themselves a £300 spending money for the all expenses paid trip to New York that 3 distributorships from the team will be enjoying in less than two weeks time.

Has anyone ever got this excited working in a dead end job, for a boss? We lust love this business – see for more information.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Kleeneze Bathgate Scotland

Just back from a fantastic "Scottish Millionaires College" with the Kleeneze Bathgate Scotland crowd.

Millionaires College? With Kleeneze? There are now a number of Kleeneze Distributors that are Millionaires as a direct result of building themselves a large Kleeneze business and importantly, there are many more that are living the Millionaire lifestyle before they have a million pound in the bank due to the residual income available from building a Kleeneze team.

How much interest would a million pounds invested normally earn? Three, four, maybe five thousand pounds (tops!) per month? The Millionaire lifestyle comes not from having the million pounds but from having the passive income that it generates and therefore the time freedom that this affords. In Kleeneze it is a realistic goal to earn four or five thousand pounds per month passive income within five years - we did it and many others have too.

Incidentally we built this level of passive income around a full-time job and young family - if we can do it, we can show you how you can too!

Check out or just give us a call on 01708 22 22 74 or 07868 734 695

Friday, 21 October 2011

Kleeneze New York Qualifiers

Below is the list of Kleeneze New York Qualifiers. These are the distributors that have met Kleeneze’s qualification criteria and earned their place on this 5 Star luxury trip staying at The Waldorf Astoria no less.

This all expenses paid incentive is awarded for business growth. The specific criteria is set to reward those distributors that are driving the business on. Nearly 200 Kleeneze distributors all enjoying a fantastic reward with many of these qualifiers being new to the business within the last year or two. Irrefutable evidence that Kleeneze works for distributors that work!


Toby Acton & Donna Gold

Martin Bell & Caroline Roberts

Mike & Amanda Bibby

Andy & Sue Boswell

Mike & Jean Day

Adele & Jaime De Caso

Sue & Steve Ferguson

Stuart & Gail McKibbin

Ram & Sylvia Laing

Doug & Sandra Roper

Steve & Debbie Roper

Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes

Stephen Smith & Dennis Chamberlain

Ray & Miriam Turnbull

Bob Webb & Albina Zolotarenko

Peter & Myrna Wellock

Craig & Magdalena White

Peter & Jackie White

Neil & Karen Young


Peter Allan

Jennifer & Martin Amos

Peter & Angela Bach

Lorraine & Ian Balcombe

Paul Bate & Thomas Johnson

Stacy & Jonathan Beck

Alf & Carol Bell

Arthur & Irene Bennett

Karen & Scott Boardman

Jackie & Stuart Bower

David & Cindy Brown

Sandra Brown

Sharon Bullock & David Taylor

Luisa Byrom & Andy Newton

Ian & Agnieszka Clarke

Abigail Colclough

Jane & Andrew Connor

Dean & Flora Copson

Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson

Clive & Beverley Currier

Sharon & Craig Davis

John & Jane Dunkerley

Sandra Ellis

Justine & Steve Giergiel

Georgina & Will Goodger

Clare Haines

Steven Harding & Narissa Mather

Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward

Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard

Lee & Fiona Henshaw

Amanda & Andrew Holland

Richard Housego & Vanadis Fox

Adam & Coleen Humphrey

Stephen & Rebecca Gilbert

Robert & Marianna Grinev-Branch

John & Shelagh Irving

Steve & Jude Joyce

Sakuntla Kalyan & Richard Lovesey

Helen Lambert & Richard Woods

Nigel Le Long

Daniel & Michelle Marshall

Julie & Anthony Martin

Jill & David Mason

Veronica McDonald

John & Lesley McNally

Paul McNally & Stacey Paterson

John Morgan & Gilly McCrone

Jane & David Mousley

Arthur & Maureen Nicholl

Anna & Nicholas Padfield

Stuart Richards & Susan Munandu

Kevin Rider

Andrew Ridley & Louise Lee

Justin Rowe & Tracy Bell

Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall

Nick & Grace Sassanelli

Joanne Skinner

Melissa Squires & Ian Slade

Adam Swire & Deborah Heron

Christine Sykes & Aiden Fisher

Graham Taylor & Simon Selfridge

Kira & Andrew Thomas

Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman

Phillip & Kerris Torkington

Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Lawlor

Michelle & Paul Tucker

Judit Urgin

Helen & Andrew Walsh

Chloe West & Elvin Bailey

Ian Williams & Sally Mellor

Terry & Diane Williams

David Wilson & Julie Knight

Paul & Helen Wilson

Stephen Wilson & Marie Bell

Bridget White & Stan Parr

Mark Wright & Emma Frain

Toni Yates & Martin Webb

Friday, 14 October 2011

UK unemployment

UK unemployment rose by 114,000 between June and August to 2.57 million, a 17-year high, according to official figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the unemployment rate also increased to 8.1%.

The jobless total for 16 to 24-year-olds hit a record high of 991,000 in the quarter, a jobless rate of 21.3%.

The number of people out of work and claiming benefits rose 17,500 to 1.6 million in September.

Other figures showed a record cut in the number of part-time workers, down by 175,000, and there was also a record reduction of 74,000 in the number of over-65s in employment.

The Employment Secretary, Chris Grayling, said that what the UK was now seeing was “the impact of the international financial crisis”.

Speaking in the Commons at Prime Minister’s questions, the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, said: “A year ago … the prime minister justified his economic policy by saying unemployment would fall this year, next year and the year after. Isn’t it time he admitted his plan isn’t working?”

Why all this doom and gloom about the job market? It won’t suit everybody but we have an opportunity that anybody can do, it will pay full-time money for full-time hours immediately with huge potential in the medium term for genuine wealth creation.

Visit for further information on the proven and established business opportunity.

Kleeneze what can I expect to earn

Kleeneze what can I expect to earn? 


The more you do the more you will earn. When starting the business part-time you will earn about £450 per month straight away when distributing 200 catalogues twice weekly. Thereafter profits of £500 per month are commonplace; £1,000 per month frequent; £2,000 per month attainable by anybody and £5,000+ per month if you're really committed.

Kleeneze works for everybody because we all use the same catalogues and they work! The only distributors that Kleeneze doesn’t work are the ones that don’t put their catalogues out…….. and collect them up again!

‘It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.’

For more information on How It Works please Click Here

Kleeneze Newark Nottinghamshire

Mike & Negin Backhouse - Newark, Nottinghamshire

Before joining Kleeneze Newark Nottinghamshire in June 2003, I had been working as asenior manager with a major pharmaceutical research company when I was made redundant and my employment was brought to an abrupt end.  As if by fate, I stumbled upon Kleeneze and after attending the June 2003 Annual Sales Conference I felt so excited by the potential within this company that I immediately stopped looking for another job and together with my wife focussed my effort on building a successful Kleeneze business.  Kleeneze has given us both a fresh start in life and we have made many new and dear friends over the last year.  In 2006 Kleeneze took us and 150 other qualifiers away for an all expenses paid trip to Budapest for the European Conference and we look forward to many more such trips in the future.  This business can give you anything that you want.  It is so exciting to think that there is no limit to what we can achieve with our Kleeneze business and it is so rewarding to be in a position to help other people achieve their dreams along the way.  Our biggest monthly income cheque so far has been £2095.42 

For more info please visit

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Kleeneze Cranham Upminster Essex

Steve and Debbie have been operating their Kleeneze Cranham Upminster Essex business consistently for twelve years now. We now serve mainly our regular customers, most of whom we found in our first few months in the business and have continued to serve ever since.

Most of our customers are within half a mile of where we live and we also have customers on the Drury Falls Estate, Upminster Bridge, Upminster and Cranham.

If you would like a catalogue please give us a call on 01708 22 22 74 or If you prefer to shop on-line you may like to take a look at

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kleeneze Aberdeen Aberdeenshire

Robert Fraser - Aberdeen

I left school when I was 15 and was in employment (mainly as Machine Operator in an Engineering firm) until I was 65 years old and my firm asked me to work on which I did for another 2 years. Then, with the recession they had to cut back on the work force and I was laid off.
As I had only the state pension to look forward to I applied for several jobs which needed me to supply them with pages of information from when I started school, when I left etc. 67 years of history for a job which would have paid minimum rate.
I looked on the internet and came across an opportunity with Kleeneze and sent away for information. I received a prompt reply and was up and running my business within a week. That was in May 2010 and since then I have achieved a 10% bonus (£780+ in orders) every 4weeks.
I wish I had seen this opportunity years ago. Last year my wife and I, because of my business, could afford a holiday to Egypt for a cruise down the Nile for 14 days. This year I have upgraded my motor car. For the future I am looking forward to sponsoring and training a team and helping to make them as successful as possible. For further information about Kleeneze Aberdeen Aberdeenshire please visit

Monday, 10 October 2011

Kleeneze Redcar Cleveland

Peter Allan - Redcar, Cleveland

I started my Kleeneze Redcar Cleveland business in October 2009.  I have been delighted with my results.  The very first order that I placed was for £438 worth of customer orders and this was within just two weeks of getting started! In my first month of business I had an income of£244.10. When I started I worked the business on a part time basis around my day job. In my third month my income was £463.11. By October 2010 my income was £725.84 still working on a part time basis. In February 2011 my monthly income was £1603.09
It’s a really great opportunity to build something better for the future. We know it works. The business keeps getting better and better. I have found the help and support to be excellent and that same help and support is available for anyone that joins my Team.  I am really excited about all of our future prospects within The Infinity Group and look forward to helping many others that join my team to achieve their own success.  

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Kleeneze Evesham Worcestershire

Dave & Pat Key - Evesham, Worcestershire

We joined Kleeneze Evesham Worcestershire in January 2010 because we were worried about our future. We should retire in 10 years time and would only have a state pension to survive on . However, with  the wonderfull support of the Infinity Group we are now achieving group sales of £2400 every 4 weeks giving us an extra income of £500 four weeklyand rising. We see Kleeneze as the way forward for us and our aim is to give up our present  jobs as full-time Chefs and concentrate our efforts on building a solid income for our future and helping our team to achieve their dreams too. For comprehensive information about the Kleeneze opportunity please visit

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Order Kleeneze Upminster Essex

To order Kleeneze Upminster Essex please Your order will come to us directly and will be delivered to you by us just the same as if you had ordered from the catalogue. If you would prefer to see the catalogue itself, please give us a call on             01708 22 22 74       and we’ll drop one round to you.

If you are looking to order Kleeneze products and are not in the Upminster Essex area you will need to contact a Kleeneze Distributor close to where you live. If you would like help locating your local distributor please email  with your name, address and phone number and we’ll arrange for a distributor to contact 

Steve Roper

Steve Roper works his Kleeneze Home Based Business with his wife Debbie. They have been married for 28 years.

They have worked their Kleeneze business since 1999 but since 2005 have enjoyed a lifestyle of semi-retirement together; only made possible by their Kleeneze business. They continue to work their business seriously but consider themselves semi-retired because they have total flexibility of when they work and approximately 97% of their income is “passive”. ie the income will now roll in whether they work or not.

If you would like to find out more about building a passive income (AKA pension) please feel free to call Steve Roper at home on 01708 22 22 74 or on his mobile 07868 734 695 or visit

Kleeneze Camberley Surrey

Fred & Karen Mason - Camberley, Surrey

Karen’s background is from the world of finance where she worked in high street banking then moved into the training side of banking where she taught major banks all over the world how to use banking computer systems. My background is from the military (Ex RSM army) training arena and then working in the motor industry working for Honda cars and motorcycles.
We saw an advert in the newspaper and looked into the company and researched the company, Kleeneze Camberley Surrey, for about two years. Our circumstances changed and we needed some extra money. We initially wanted to earn about £100 per week, which would enable us to pay some additional credit cards. 
In our first 3 weeks our Income cheque was £235.72, so we knew the system worked and we had our investment back in three weeks. After two months our income had risen over £400.00 every month and it continued to steadily increase and our highest cheque to date is £2066.26 for a four week period. 
We have enjoyed a great social life, great recognition and we have qualified for an all inclusive, totally paid long weekend to Marrakech, all courtesy of Kleeneze. 
Being part of the Infinity group we have access to some of the best training and support within Kleeneze which has enabled us to build our business.
We have a list of places we want to see, things we want to do and to have no financial worries. We are both working towards retiring in the next year and having time to do all the things we want to do. Our dreams are becoming reality with this business.

For comprehensive information about the Kleeneze business Click Here

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Kleeneze Aldershot Hampshire

Rosemary Rowntree & Steve Johnson - Aldershot, Hampshire

We first saw Kleeneze in 2001 when we were in England on an extended visit from Canada. We had experience with network marketing in Canada but were still looking for the right opportunity.
Once we investigated Kleeneze, met some successful people and attended a meeting, we were encouraged to keep going. The Infinity Group has a proven system for creating volumes without 'selling', wonderful hands-on training and an easy-to-follow process for building a team. 
Within 4 weeks we had our initial investment back and we made the decision to emigrate from Canada to take up the Kleeneze business in earnest. It hasn't let us down - in fact, it has exceeded our expectations. 
The people - a great team; the rewards - trips to Monte Carlo, Budapest, Mauritius, Thailand, the Caribbean, South Africa and Hong Kong; and the future - a growing residual income - all mean that our goals and dreams are becoming a reality.

For more information on Kleeneze Aldershot Hampshire, Click Here

Monday, 3 October 2011

Kleeneze Chingford Essex

Justin Rowe & Tracy Bell – Chingford, Essex

We were initially looking for a part-time job to supplement our income. Earning an extra £50 per week would make a massive difference to our household budget. To our surprise, working this business, Kleeneze Chingford Essex around a small child and full-time employment, in our FIRST 4-WEEKS we earned over £470. This proved to us that the business works.
With the incredible support available within ‘The Infinity Group’ our income has steadily grown. On a Part-Time basis our highest payment to date was over £2200 for a 4-Week period and we also qualified for an ‘All Expenses Paid’, 5-Star European trip.
We are now looking forward to a more financially secure future and building a business which will enable us to spend more time with our family.
With this business having such a level playing field and high earning potential, the incomes that are available are achievable by absolutely anyone.

For full information about the Kleeneze opportunity please Click Here

Kleeneze Dagenham Essex

Lance & Debbie Clapton – Dagenham, Essex

Before I joined Kleeneze Dagenham Essex I was a Baker for 25 years working 48 – 60 hrs a week and then I left, going into Support Workfor the Elderly for 2+ years part time. I was then made redundant on 31st March 2010.
Being used to having two incomes we were looking for a new opportunity. One day watching TV, the advert came on for Kleeneze and I discussed this with my wife Debbie, who has a full time job as an Invoice Processor. I phoned Kleeneze who put me in touch with Steve and Debbie Roper founders of the Infinity Group, which we are now proud to be part of, we met them and they were very helpful and detailed in explaining the ‘Business’ & continue to be supportive.
We joined on 11th May 2010. and I earned £450.77 part time in our first 4 weeks. During this time we achieved the Fast Start Bonus 1 & 2 (both for free 50 sets of catalogues), plus the 10% & 13% Volume Profit achieving SILVER DISTRIBUTOR level & now we are sponsoring people into our team. I enjoy being my own boss with positive attitude.
I was a little sceptical at first about Kleeneze, but was willing to give it a go, and as you can see it really works.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kleeneze Essex

Steve & Debbie Roper - Upminster, Essex

After working our Kleeneze Essex business part-time for 5 years our p/t Kleeneze income exceeded £1000 per week which enabled Steve to return his Co car and walk away from a well paid job, escaping the rat-race forever! Whilst Steve was still in a job we qualified for Conferences to Monaco, Cairns Australia, Monaco a second time, South Africa, Athens and Sydney (and were awarded a Mini Cooper). We have since qualified for 2 further conferences, to Budapest and Mauritius. In 2005 we were awarded The Distributor of the Year for Gavin Scott's Terrier Group - the biggest group in Kleeneze which includes the Fast Forward Group. In 2007 we were awarded The Distributor of the Year for Bob Webb's Fast Forward Group - the highest status, highest earning Team in Kleeneze. We are current holders of The Pole Position Group's Top Recruiter Cup. We are enjoying supporting our team to help them to achieve these extra rewards and grow their incomes. The freedom, the rewards and the camaraderie are just brilliant!

Kleeneze Upminster Essex

We, Steve & Debbie Roper started our Kleeneze business in 1999 and have been serving our Kleeneze Upminster Essex and Cranham customers ever since. If anyone in the Upminster or Cranham area would like a catalogue please call us on 01708 22 22 74 or our mobile 07868 734 695 or you can visit our on line webshop at You will be able to place your order direct with us and we will take payment when we personally deliver the products to you.

If you have any questions please give us a call any time from 9am to 9pm 7 days per week – we would welcome your call.

We look forward to being of service to you!