Sunday, 30 October 2011

Exciting Business

Let me explain what I mean by an Exciting Business,

We finished our four weekly business period on Thursday evening and had to wait overnight for the confirmed figures to update over night. While we “knew” what had been achieved throughout the Team is was still with enormous trepidation that we looked at the official figures.  We desperately wanted confirmation but was afraid to look in case anything had gone wrong – scary and exciting at the same time!

All was well; apart from the new “statuses” that had been achieved by various team members we now had it confirmed….

3 Distributorships within the team have started qualification for an all expenses paid 5* trip to Miami in 2012. An incentive that was launched just a few weeks ago.

1 Distributorship has started qualification for a brand new Mini Car

1 Distributorship has secured themselves a £1500 one off extra bonus

1 Distributorship has secured themselves a £300 spending money for the all expenses paid trip to New York that 3 distributorships from the team will be enjoying in less than two weeks time.

Has anyone ever got this excited working in a dead end job, for a boss? We lust love this business – see for more information.

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