Monday, 24 October 2011

Kleeneze Bathgate Scotland

Just back from a fantastic "Scottish Millionaires College" with the Kleeneze Bathgate Scotland crowd.

Millionaires College? With Kleeneze? There are now a number of Kleeneze Distributors that are Millionaires as a direct result of building themselves a large Kleeneze business and importantly, there are many more that are living the Millionaire lifestyle before they have a million pound in the bank due to the residual income available from building a Kleeneze team.

How much interest would a million pounds invested normally earn? Three, four, maybe five thousand pounds (tops!) per month? The Millionaire lifestyle comes not from having the million pounds but from having the passive income that it generates and therefore the time freedom that this affords. In Kleeneze it is a realistic goal to earn four or five thousand pounds per month passive income within five years - we did it and many others have too.

Incidentally we built this level of passive income around a full-time job and young family - if we can do it, we can show you how you can too!

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