Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kleeneze Camberley Surrey

Allison Voller & Dave Armstrong – Kleeneze Camberley Surrey

I joined Kleeneze Camberley Surrey in May 2009. I was looking for something I could do from home at my own pace after having to give up my career as a Chef/Manager in December 2008 due to ill health.
In my first 3 weeks I recovered my initial investment with a £200 profit – Kleeneze worked.
In October 2009 Dave joined me in Kleeneze after seeing how much I was enjoying my ‘job’, he came along to a few meetings and realised what Kleeneze could offer us both.
In September 2009 Kleeneze announced Hong Kong as the 2010 Conference destination. It appealed and we were determined to qualify. We worked hard and in July 2010 with the help of our small team and a lot of personal retail we qualified as new “Gold” Distributors, holding it for a further three months to go to Hong Kong, a fantastic 5* all expenses paid trip. We also had our best cheque of £2919.70 for a 4 week period.
Help and support from both The Infinity Group and Kleeneze is amazing. By following a simple proven plan you can reach your own goals and go on to help others in your team achieve theirs.
We are now working to build a team and grow our Kleeneze business so that Dave can quit ‘the rat race’. We can have complete control of our lives and the time to spend enjoying ourselves with all the good friends we have made around the Country in Kleeneze.

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