Sunday, 8 May 2011

Kleeneze online

Kleeneze has marketed its products for forty years or more via their range of catalogues and continues to do so. Additionally we now have Kleeneze online.

Kleeneze online now offers customers the opportunity to order their Kleeneze products online for delivery by their normal local distributor with payment on delivery in the usual way. The customer’s order will be directed to the distributor of their choice as determined by the website address used. For example Steve and Debbie who operate in Upminster in Essex have the website address It is up to the customer to identify the appropriate suffix to ensure that their preferred distributor gets the order. This normally happens as the distributor will be promoting their website address to their customers. The customer then just clicks the orange “Shop With Us” button in the top right hand corner to bring up the online shop.

While there is also a short video of the Kleeneze Business Opportunity on this same website, some distributors promote the opportunity via their own individual website such as Steve and Debbie Roper’s

So in summary, Kleeneze online is now a business where both retailing the products and recruitment can be done online.

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