Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Working From Home Opportunities UK

There are numerous Working From Home Opportunities UK to choose from. It can however be a minefield sorting the wheat from the chaff. There are some good ones and there are some illegal scams and there are those that have a very short track record and not much to base a judgement on.

Most Working From Home Opportunities UK fall into one of three categories:-

  1. Envelope stuffing or simple assembly work.
  2. Sales Agents.
  3. Multi Level Marketing (AKA Network Marketing or MLM)

  1. Stuffing envelopes or performing as simple assembly job at home may be ok for those that want to earn a very modest extra income and are happy doing a highly repetitive task. There are some legitimate opportunities for this type of work available. Beware of claims that you can earn a lot money doing this. Why would anyone pay a lot to have envelopes stuffed? Also, we have heard of organisations that will find fault with the work that you have done and refuse to pay out.
  2. Being a self-employed sales agent based from home can be good for people that really can sell and are happy to not be paid for holidays, sickness etc.
  3. Multi-level marketing is an opportunity to be self employed, based from home with the support and training of a large Company and network organisation. With the right Company money can be earned immediately and through building an organisation a passive income will pay you when you are unable to work through sickness or you choose to not work for a holiday and ultimately as a pension.

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