Monday, 11 April 2011

How to Make Time for A Multi Level Marketing Business

So often people want to start a home based business but just cannot see How to Make Time for A Multi Level Marketing Business and fit it in around their other commitments. This article is intended to help people to find the time that they need.

I’d like to start by saying that the most important aspect of making time is having the genuine desire to do so. If you are looking to make time this article will help you. If you are actually looking to prove that you don’t have time, then this article won’t help you. The old expression “Where there is a will, there is a way” springs to mind.

Let’s look at someone that really is very busy. They work twelve hours a day for six days a week. They take eight hours a night to sleep and they need two hours a day for washing, dressing, household chores and for preparing and eating their meals. Pretty busy huh? Well what do you think they could do with the remaining twenty-six hours a week?

Everyone has 168 hours a week and everyone can choose to spend their time however they wish. It’s important to accept this fact; we can all choose what we do with our time. I understand that we all have responsibilities to other people, particularly our families. All parents will feel obliged to get their children to school on time and feel that they have no choice in this matter. However, most parents would choose to be responsible and take their children to school on time, while a few irresponsible parents would choose to neglect this responsibility. Others might choose to pay someone else to take their children to school. So you can see that even for something apparently fixed liked taking the children school, there are various options that we can choose from.

The biggest eye-opener will be keeping a log of how you spend your time currently. Count every minute for just a day or two and by the end of the week you will already be doing things differently. Research in the UK has found that the average time spent watching TV is 2 hours and 37 minutes per day, totalling over 18 hours per week.

So where can we find time to build our Multi Level Marketing business? Here are a few ideas:-

Reduce the time spent in front of the TV – could you save an hour per day?

Reduce the time sleeping – we may like eight hours sleep, but we don’t need it. Try seven hours a night. That lunch hour at work could be used productively. How about using forty minutes of the hour for your own business?

If these three things were implemented that would provide over seventeen hours a week to build your business and that is just little pockets of time that all mounts up. If someone is working 5 days a week, with the weekends off, this still leaves Saturday and Sunday free apart from 2 hours a day working their business.

For the more committed they could save two hours of  TV time per day,  one and a half hours sleep per day and work an additional eight hours per day on Saturday and Sunday. This person would then have over forty hours per week to devote to their business. Full time hours for just a few months or years, to then have the freedom to quit their full time job.

They may be sacrificing time with the family, time with friends and time relaxing, but that will always be their choice. It’s also vital to keep focussed on the time freedom that will become available to those that choose to build a successful Multi Level Marketing business.  Those that choose to do this will be working hard for a few years so that they can then choose to either enjoy the extra income or leave their job.

It’s important to acknowledge that to start a new venture will take time and therefore something has to be sacrificed in order to make that time. Thinking otherwise would be delusional. Importantly, those that want to find the time to build their own business, will.

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