Saturday, 9 April 2011

Is it important to have a local sponsor in my Multi Level Marketing business?

Many people look for their most local sponsor to join their opportunity with. This article looks at the significance of having a local sponsor and how this can effect the growth in their business.

A lot of people when they are looking to start a new Multi Level Marketing business look for a sponsor that lives near them in the belief that they will get the best support if they join with somebody local to them. This is perfectly logical when looking at just a restricted aspect of what a sponsor should do for their team members. The benefits of having a local sponsor include:

  1. Meeting up prior to getting started helps to build rapport and hopefully gives the new joiner confidence in their potential sponsor. This meeting allows both parties to assess each other in a way that only a face to face meeting ca.
  2. Once started in the business it is convenient for a sponsor and team member to get together for training purposes.
  3. There are more opportunities to socialise together.
  4. When travelling long distances to events it may be practical to travel together.

These are the benefits which are actually just a bonus; the most important thing when choosing a sponsor is to find out whether they know what they are doing, they are able and willing to teach what they are doing and that they head-up or belong to a team that has full training and support. A local sponsor that does not know what they are doing or that is not actually doing it is of very little help.

A long distance sponsor that knows what they are doing and is practising what they preach can provide all the help, support and encouragement that anyone would ever need. With modern communications the long distance sponsor has access to:

o      Telephones and Mobile ‘phones

o      Free phone calls on-line even international calls with Skype

o      Voice Messaging systems

o      Conference calls and three way calls

o      Email

o      Instant messaging

o      Video trainings

o      Webinars

o      Remote computer control

o      Social networking

o      Websites and blogs

o      Post

All of these facilities mean that it is now entirely convenient for a sponsor to support their team and for their team to communicate with them very efficiently and effectively.

Once a new team member has shown commitment by taking action and communicating by any or all of the above methods it is good to meet up to put a face to the voice. This normally occurs at the bigger events, so it is important to promote and attend these events not just for the formal trainings but for meeting team members.

The new joiner that insists on a local sponsor is really jeopardising their chances of success because they are effectively limiting their own team building to a local area. If they feel that they cannot receive adequate support from a long distance sponsor, then clearly they won’t be able to provide adequate support to far-off team members. It is important therefore to join with a sponsor that is working a business building system that knows no geographical boundaries.

Inevitably sponsors tend to have a nucleus of team members that are local to them because for most people their friends, family and former colleagues tend to be local and it’s normally these people that are the first to join their business. This means that when team building further down the line the sponsor will be looking for key people to work with in other locations to help to develop their network further afield. This can be a real benefit to that team member that becomes the nucleus in another region.

So, in summary, having a local sponsor is just a minor bonus, while the priority has to be to select a sponsor that is part of a good team, with the right system and support that is walking the walk and being successful themselves. For further details of the writers business opportunity take a look at

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