Thursday, 14 April 2011

How Can I Grow My MLM Business

This article is intended to help people that are asking themselves the question; How Can I Grow My MLM Business? To do this we must understand the significance of consistent effort and how it can impact of the results achieved. These principals also avoid the need for an excessively intense work at any given time.

As children I’m sure most of us would all have heard Aesop’s famous fable about the race between the hare and the tortoise. The tortoise plodded on and on while the hare ran off in front and was so far ahead he lay down and went to sleep just to show his contempt for the tortoise. The hare woke up just in time to see the tortoise crossing the finishing line and the hare lost the race. The moral of the story: slow and steady wins the race.

The principal of slow and steady also applies to our home base businesses. Perhaps I should define “slow”. In this context slow really means a rate of working that can be maintained over a long period. It’s the difference between sprinting and jogging. Even top athletes can’t maintain a sprint for more that a few seconds but many people can jog for many minutes or even hours. For some, jogging might be a bit of a stretch and for them their “slow” might be walking. We all have different rates at which we are capable of working and we each need to identify what is the right pace for each of us.

Using this same running/walking analogy it is clear that some people are simply not capable of sprinting at all. On the other hand nearly everyone can jog or walk. Arguably there are some that are not mobile in that way, but they too would have their own means of mobility and their own pace.

The fact is that what any of us lack in outright speed we can make up with endurance. The key to successfully winning the home-based-business race is having the self-discipline to do what we know needs to done each and every day. If we lack the discipline to do something until we have the motivation we will get behind with what we need to do. Then we get the motivation and go tearing off like the proverbial hare again; much better to work at our chosen pace consistently.  

Of course running a business from home is not quite the same as running a race. To operate professionally and provide a good service there are many things that need to be done promptly and if they are not done consistently then the service will suffer. For example if someone is trying to contact us with an order or with a view to joining our opportunity, if we don’t deal with that enquiry for a few days they are likely to have gone elsewhere.

So in summary, working consistently not only reduces the peak rate at which we have to work, it also improves the service that we provide. For details of a MLM business that has excelled through the consistent application of a simple system click here.

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