Friday, 15 April 2011

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Uk

For an enviable lifestyle, find Legitimate Work From Home Jobs UK. Have no set hours, eliminate commuting and answer only to yourself. Working from home really can give you a far better lifestyle that going out to work for an employer.

There are numerous legitimate opportunities available and equally there are many that are rather less than legitimate! How do you tell the difference? Let’s look at some things to consider:-

Is it a UK based company? If it is UK based it is easier to check it out and it will certainly come under UK law. If it is not UK based it may still be legitimate but it’s not so easy establish whether it is or not.

Is it a well established company? If the company has been around for a long time it is likely to be legitimate because otherwise it would have been shut down. Young companies may well be legitimate also, it’s just that a fledgling company doesn’t have the track record to support this.

Does the company belong to any governing bodies or trade associations etc? For example if a company is a member of the Direct Selling Association it must comply with their code of conduct. If a company is claiming to be associated with any respected organisations always check that they actually are, with that third party directly.

Check with Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading to see if they can report on any wrong doings by the company. If they don’t know of them there is a good chance that they are legitimate, but of course this is not a guarantee.

Finally do your own research to find others that are involved and speak with them. Try and ascertain whether they have any complaints about the company and the way it operates. If they do have issues try and identify specifics and don’t be put off by those that are dissatisfied not with the company but with their own abilities or motivation.

Doing legitimate work from home can be hugely rewarding both financially and in terms of the freedom and lifestyle that only working from home can offer.

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