Sunday, 10 April 2011

Commonest Objection to an MLM Business

The Commonest Objection to an MLM Business simply is not true. This article explains why.

Most MLM businesses can be started for an investment of anywhere between £100 to £300. So, do you honestly believe that anyone living in the western world cannot raise £300 if they really want to? If you are thinking “well I know people that couldn’t raise £300” then you are already beaten when it comes to dealing with this objection. We have to get past this belief to be able to deal with the objection. Don’t get me wrong, people that are truly financially challenged will have to be more proactive in raising the investment, but if they want to, they will. Let me ask you a question: If those same hard-up people had to raise £5,000 for a lifesaving operation for a loved one, or let them die, would they or would they not raise the £5,000? Do you honestly think that they would let a loved one die for the sake of £5,000? Of course not! When the choice is clear; raise £5,000 or let a loved one die, then they will raise the £5,000 somehow. They have a very strong and very personal reason. So if we can believe that anyone faced with such a dramatic choice as this can raise £5,000 surely we can believe that the choice between financial ruin or financial security will be worth £300 to them? Our challenge is helping them to see the value of our opportunity and how it can have a massively positive effect on their situation. If we do not believe that they can afford the small initial investment, we would give up trying to help them to see what our opportunity can do for them.

How many prospects have we met that say they cannot afford the initial investment and yet they have the latest mobile phone, drive a nice car and have the latest TV and associated electronic wizardry. This is not a criticism of them having nice things in any way; it’s just to highlight how they prioritise spending their money. With the right MLM business and certainly with our  business we would expect anyone to be back in profit, after recouping their initial investment, within two or three weeks of getting started. So even if you doubt someone having a couple of hundred pounds, surely everyone can believe that they can borrow the money for three weeks. Most people paying bills monthly could use the money that they have for their bills to start their MLM business and then two or three weeks later pay the bills anyway and then never have the problem of paying their bills ever again. Now to some this may sound like a risky strategy but I have total confidence in the business to know that the only risk with this strategy lies entirely in their hands. If they do the simple things that we advise them to do it will work. Many MLM businesses require months if not years to break even and many require further investment, not just the initial investment in which case this would not be appropriate.

I would never suggest to prospects that they sell anything in particular, but why not suggest that they have a boot sale or sell some unwanted things on eBay. I firmly believe that our business can be their saviour and therefore believe that “where there is a will, there is a way” and sometimes we as business builders may have to help some people to see there “way”. For further details take a look at

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