Sunday, 2 September 2012

MLM Leaders

One of the key elements of success in any MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Network Marketing business is to work with the MLM Leaders. Our upline are initially responsible for showing us the way. More experienced networkers will say that we are all responsible for our own destiny and I would totally agree with that. However, when we consider that many people joining an MLM business are from backgrounds where taking 100% responsibility is a totally foreign concept, it’s important in the early days to help new joiners to understand that they can seek help and guidance from wherever they can get it. True leaders will encourage their team to broaden their horizons seek guidance and inspiration from wherever they can get it, particularly from all of their upline leaders; not just the direct sponsor.

I find it alarming, the number of people that I speak to in all different networks that are without leadership that they can refer to, or perhaps I should say, they are unaware of the leadership that is available to them. With proper leadership, I believe everyone can go on to become a leader themselves, but without that leadership, very few will make it alone.

Our advice: only join an MLM business that has a proven system and genuine leadership.

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