Thursday, 10 May 2012

Get in at the start

In our 12 years in MLM we have seen so many new start-ups we’ve lost count. We have had so many phone calls and emails saying things like ” We are in pre-launch; get in at the start” blah blah blah. Here are my thoughts on all these offers:-

1. Most of these opportunities are coming to the UK from the USA and we have seen time and again how the USA culture and way of doing business often does not transfer successfully to the UK or Europe in general.

2. Because of 1. above, after a short time these companies that arrived in a blaze of glory soon fade away or withdraw from the UK altogether.

3. A minority of these companies and their method of operation is illegal.

4. If they are new, they can’t be proven; certainly not in the UK/Europe

5. If they are new they won’t have a full support infrastructure in place.

6. If they are new they won’t have UK/Europe leadership in place.

7. Most telling of all is that most people that have approached us to join their “Get in at the start” opportunity have done so more than once; with different opportunities. First they’re pitching us on one opportunity and then a year or two later they are pitching us on something else. What does that tell you?

Having said all this we understand that there will be legitimate companies expending into the UK and we also understand that very occasionally someone will have got involved with an MLM company that just isn’t right for them and they need to move on. However, it’s also our observation that the vast majority of people that move from one opportunity to another do so in search of the MLM holy grail. We firmly believe however that success comes from within ourselves; not just from joining the latest new opportunity to come our way.

Our recommendation is to find an MLM that is well established, has a comprehensivesupport system in place, has good leadership and has genuine customers that are themselves nothing to do with the network. We understand that our opportunity is not for everybody but we also strongly suggest that in most cases the latest “get in at the start” opportunity is not the one to go for.

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