Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Work for Pensioners

The fact is that people’s pensions are falling short of their expectations, often by a considerable margin. So to maintain a reasonable standard of living many pensioners are finding that they need to top-up their income. To have a pension fund ten or twenty percent down from what was expected may be manageable, but many are finding it is down by sixty or seventy percent of what they expected, so they need to either carry on working at their job (if that is an option) or find something else to top-up their pension with.

While there are many people looking, there is not actually much in the way of work for pensioners available. Work for pensioners is often very limited in its scope and provides very little satisfaction for people that have previously had good careers. Also, who wants to continue to work for a boss into their sixties and seventies?

Fortunately a low/no cost franchise can provide the solution that many are looking for. This is where you work for yourself but in conjunction with a parent company. So you have the backing and infrastructure needed to run your business effectively while retaining the independence of self-employment without any commitment to work set hours or hit targets.

So whether looking for an extra £50 per week top-up income, or looking for a new career with the potential to build a multi-million pound multi-national business, Kleeneze may be the solution.

Not only does Kleeneze provide the immediate income from retailing the products, it can also provide a passive income (aka pension) through building a thriving team of fellow distributors.

We suggest it’s worth taking a look at – Click Here to visit our website with comprehensive information.

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