Sunday, 22 January 2012

Low Cost Franchise

The Kleeneze Low Cost Franchise just got even lower in cost with a January discount of 20% off the cost of Business Builder Star-up Kits. Click Here for details (Valid until Saturday 28th January 2012)

Not only is the cost down, the opportunity has got even better; now we have the market leading Party Plan “eZeParty” infrastructure in addition to the proven success of the unique Kleeneze catalogues as a means of marketing the products.

Many direct sales companies claim that you don’t need to “sell”, you just “share” your products or services with other people….. isn’t that selling? With Kleeneze you can generate orders from complete strangers without even meeting them, simply by posting a catalogue through their letterbox. That is what we call “no selling” involved. The general public simply browse the catalogue and some people will choose to buy, with no pressure or sense of obligation. They buy because we have the right products at the right price delivered to their door with no carriage charge. A great business model.

For those that want to be more interactive with their customers they can “knock and present” the catalogue or arrange parties. Not hard sell by any stretch of the imagination, and both good fun and potentially very lucrative.

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