Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kleeneze Gravesend Kent


We met and fell in love on New Years Eve 2001. We were married within a year and now have 3 wonderful children; Jessica (10), Nicholas (8) & Dominic (3).

From day 1, right or wrong, we have always felt we should be able to spend all our time together as a family and not have to compromise on money.  So as a Cleaning Supervisor andLorry Driver we were searching for another way to make our living. We have researched different jobs, businesses and opportunities. In October 2010 we found Kleeneze Gravesend Kent.
We now have our own business working from home. We work when we want to, and have all the time we need to be together and to be the best parents we can be. Our business is still young, but growing all the time and money is becoming less of a concern than it has ever been. Our kids are the only ones in their school that get both parents there on Sports Days and School Plays, and our future has never looked brighter.
We have just achieved the level of Gold Distributor and are now in qualification forKleeneze’s international conference in Miami next year.  We have some fantastic people in our team who are quickly becoming great friends.
Our goal now is to pass on what we’ve learned and to help as many others as possible to achieve their goals. If we can do it anyone can!

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