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Kleeneze was founded in Bristol by a British man Mr Harry Crook. After working in

America for the Fuller Brush Company, he returned to England in 1923 and set up his own brush manufacturing business in Bristol called The Kleeneze Brush Company. 

Since its humble beginnings in 1923, Kleeneze has returned a profit during every single year of trading. In 1930 Kleeneze reached its first major milestone when it topped a £1 million turnover, which was a huge amount of money back in those days. 

Further products were introduced and Kleeneze obtained a place in history in 1959 by becoming the first company to introduce the 40 hour working week. 
Perhaps one of the most significant milestones for the current opportunity was in 1970 when Kleeneze led the way as the first company in Europe to pioneer network marketing – a bold step at the time, which has resulted in huge success for the Company and its Distributors alike. 
Up until 1982 Kleeneze had generated its business through door to door salespeople demonstrating products on the doorstep. In this year Kleeneze launched its first
catalogue called “Shopping at home” which subsequently revolutionised the business. Marketing via the catalogue enabled the product range to expand providing a forever growing market potential and eliminating the need for “sales” people. 
After celebrating their 75th anniversary in 1998, Kleeneze extended their operations into Ireland and changed its name to Kleeneze Europe Ltd.
2004 saw Kleeneze’s launch into mainland Europe starting with The Netherlands, with further expansion into Germany in 2005. More than doubling Kleeneze’s available market and providing a “ground floor opportunity” for its distribution network with the benefit of a massively successful track record in the UK and Republic of Ireland. 
Kleeneze is a highly successful, ethical company offering the most exciting business opportunity in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany. This is the only network marketing opportunity where written proof of incomes are made readily available. Why? Because we can! 
Kleeneze holds three National Conferences a year at the NIA in Birmingham. 
All distributors in the business are welcome to attend and have the opportunity to see successful Distributors on the stage tell their stories about how they got to where they are in the business and provide training to help everyone to succeed. They are all great fun and there is usually a dinner dance afterwards giving everyone the chance to have some fun with their teams and to share business building tips and ideas. 
Kleeneze really is the easy way to shop from home. We specialise in supplying a range of quality products for the home, the car, the garden, as well as health and beauty and gift products direct to the door through our network of independent distributors. Unlike most home shopping, delivery of Kleeneze products is free of charge. Operating throughout the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany, Kleeneze is a very well respected household name with 70% of the UK population knowing the Kleeneze brand. 
Following acquisition in 2006 the Kleeneze Company is now part of the £500 millionFindel PLC
based in Accrington, Lancashire,UK. They are a respected market leader and are well known by millions throughout the UK, Ireland, Holland & Germany. In the last few years Kleeneze has experienced huge growth and has paid out over £100 million to its network of distributors!

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