Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Jobs for those over 50

The UK Direct Selling Association has reported a 29% increase in the number of people that are aged over 50 that are now working in the field of direct sales.  Of the 400,000 people in the UK working in the field of Direct Sales, 120,000 are aged over 50. This is an increase from 93,000 a year ago.

With high unemployment, the employers have a larger than normal pool of people to recruit from and the over fifties often find themselves competing with much younger candidates which are often recruited in preference to the more experienced applicants. The result of this can be that people open their mind to an alternative career or lifestyle choice. Quite often this re-evaluation can be the first carefully considered career choice since leaving school with the result being that people find the niche that suits them better than what they had been doing for the previous thirty years.

The term “Direct Selling” may conjure up the image of the foot-in-the-door salesman but in most cases nothing could be further from the truth. There are a companies that market their products via a catalogue, such as Kleeneze where the direct seller can generate the sales by distributing and collecting catalogues. When the catalogues are collected back a few days after distributing them, some people will have written out an order. The Kleeneze Distributor will collect the catalogue from the customers doorstep and receive their order without even having met the customer! This is not low pressure sales; this is no pressure sales.

Some of the key benefits of working in the direct sales industry that the over fifties particularly value include: 

Having no boss.

Being self-employed.

Having time freedom.

Meeting other people.

Being based from home.

Having the potential for a substantial income.

Having the potential for a residual income. (particularly significant to those over 50 with inadequate pension provision)

Clearly not all of these benefits apply to all opportunities within direct sales. For further information about an opportunity that offers all of this and much more, including cars and exotic holidays just visit http://www.InfinityEdge.co.uk

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